Omni Opti Advanced Solutions

We are adding a new dimension to vehicle route optimization by providing more & better alternative routes fast.

Where do we excell over others?

Our proprietary algorithm is able to find more alternative routes, fast. Which means it can save you over 40% more than other alternative route providers.

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Alternative Routes

Our product, in contrast with most other providers, offers more alternative routes fast.

Seamless Integration

Our product can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT architecture.

Bigger Savings

By providing several alternative routes, we help you choose the cheapest one in the allotted time frame, which enables considerable savings.

OmniOpti Advanced Solutions

OmniOpti – the name actually refers to “All the Best” in Latin. The main goal of OmniOpti is to provide advanced solutions in various fields of Smart City operations.

The core competence of OmniOpti is Logistics / Mobility, specifically advanced algorithm for alternative routes, which can be used in route optimization process.

Apart from that OmniOpti can offer knowledge in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology.

We can offer consulting services as well as development of specific solutions. Furthermore, we have experience in organizing events (conferences, workshops, meetings), giving presentations on various topics and participating in the educational process.

BlockChain ThinkTank Logotip

OmniOpti is the founding member of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia and the proud member of Technology Park Ljubljana.

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